Lost Doves

Have you found a lost white dove or homing pigeon?  Our “lost dove policy” is:  If the dove belongs to us, we will do whatever it takes to get the bird back, at our expense.  If the lost dove does NOT belong to us, we will be happy to give it a home, but you must bring it to us.

If the bird is able to fly, we will not be able to catch it.  You may see a dove temporarily stop in your neighborhood to “refuel.”  It should take off and continue on its journey when it is ready.  If you find a dove that is not leaving after several hours, or it appears to be injured and is unable to fly, it will probably need some help.

The most important thing you can do to help a lost bird is give it plenty of bird seed and water.  Don’t give it bread-the dove won’t know what to do with it.  The next thing to do is send us an e-mail or Contact Us.  Please include a detailed description of the bird- is it a ring-neck dove or a homing dove? Are there bands on its legs?  What color are the bands? Are there numbers and letters on the bands? If so, what are they? Is the bird flying around your neighborhood or do have it in your possession? Send us a picture if possible!

Please do not hand the bird over to an animal welfare organization.  Most are NOT equipped to care for a lost dove or pigeon and we have heard that most pigeons are euthanized.

Ring Neck Dove Release Dove

Here are pictures of a ring-neck dove and a homing dove.  The most notable difference is the size.  A homing dove is 2-3x the size of a ring-neck dove.  It will take 2 hands to hold on to a homing dove, usually a ring neck dove will fit easily into one hand.

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